Spectacular Rotor Blade Transport

At our Bruchhagen-Nendorf wind farm, a 61 m long rotor blade belonging to a ENERCON E126 EP3 had to be replaced recently. Using a Bladelifter, the STEIL company transported the new 19 t rotor blade from the reloading point in Heerde on the B 61 to its final destination 8 km away. Initially the journey commenced in heavy fog, which later evolved into bright sunshine. The 100 t self-propelled Bladelifter and its cargo made their way via Kuppendorf, Ohlensehlen, Woltringhausen and Mensinghausen. It maneuvered past houses, trees and through tight bends in the road and ultimately arrived at the wind farm. It was quite a logistical masterpiece and an impressive experience for the numerous spectators along the way!


Further information: Self-propelled crane (Bladelifter) – Steil Kranarbeiten (steil-kranarbeiten.de)

Photos: Andre Meyer




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