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All technical data, anytime, anywhere: In the field of technical operations management, we keep an oversight to ensure a smooth operation of wind turbines for our clients.

Get complete transparency around the clock and down to the last digit behind the decimal point, reliable and value retaining service whenever it is needed: Professional operational mainentance management by WestWind ENERGY means customized service that pays off! Naturally, independent of turbine manufacturer or project developer.

Our Services


Management of the individual
operating companies

Organization and
implementation of annual
Shareholders’ meetings

Frequent reporting on production data, financial status, and current developments to all limited partners.

Individual consulting and accompaniment of investors for all arising questions

Business Management

Operation & Maintenance

Our Services


Our Services


  • Management of the individual operating companies
  • Organization and execution of the annual partners’ meetings
  • Recurring information of all limited partners about production data, financial situation, and current developments
  • Personal advice and support for investors on all issues arising
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Commercial Management

Commercial Business Management


We Secure Your Earnings

The figures have to be accurate, every month, every year. Running the operational management side of wind turbines by oneself is time-consuming and multi-layered. Using professional services, more efficiency can be achieved in an uncomplicated manner. For example, Westwind ENERGY arranges and negotiates contracts for the direct marketing of electrical energy. An additional revenue that benefits you.

We also ensure additional revenues, which you are entitled to, by invoicing the grid operator for a loss of earnings due to feed-in management operations or energy retailer curtailments. In order to achieve the highest possible compensation for operators, we either use peak-invoicing (actual energy delivered) or a flat-rate scheme, depending on what model gets the best results.

We arrange for you to be included in framework agreements with independent appraisers, insurers and recognized specialist companies. Whether liquidity planning, bookkeeping or full service in payment transactions: Westwind ENERGY makes sure that your bottom line is on the right track!

Carsten Radeke
Commercial Management
Phone: +49 (0) 4273 / 93 39 147
Email: radeke@w-wind.de

Tim Dumke
Technical & Commercial Management
Phone: +49 (0) 4273 / 93 39 149
Email: dumke@w-wind.de

Hendrik Hein
Commercial Management
Phone: +49 (0) 4273 / 9339 150
Email: hein@w-wind.de


You can find our complete service portfolio here: WestWind ENERGY Betriebsführungsbroschüre

Operations & Maintenance


24/7 - 365 days a year...


…the Westwind ENERGY operations and maintenance team monitor wind turbine operations, the ancillary systems, and the associated infrastructure, i.e. the roads, cables, transformer, transfer stations and substations. If disruptions occur, they are rectified as quickly as possible to keep downtimes to a minimum.


In addition to coordinating services and maintenance, which includes reporting, we also obtain expert appraisals that pertain to our range of services. Thus, we ensure the smooth operation of wind turbines and meet the requirements and stipulations regarding the operating license and insurance conditions.


We inspect the wind turbines on-site and are at your side, both at shareholders’ meetings and at information events for investors.

Christian Müller
Technical management
Phone: +49 (0) 4273 / 93 39 148
Email: mueller@w-wind.de

Andreas Lintelmann
Technical management
Phone: +49 (0) 4273 / 93 39 151
Email: lintelmann@w-wind.de

Marcel Kemmann
Technical management
Phone: +49 (0) 4273 / 9339 152
Email: kemmann@w-wind.de