‘Clean and affordable electricity – that is our personal goal.’

Our Vision


80 percent renewable energy by 2050: Since Fukushima, an ambitious “energy transition” project has been causing social debates about the energy supply of the future.

Moving away from fossil fuels and nuclear energy not only offers great economic potential for the renewables industry, but also an opportunity for all of us to use the extisting resources responsibly for future generations.

Since our company was founded in 1988, we at Westwind have been applying our know-how to the planning, development and operational management of onshore wind farms. Consistently and independent of manufacturers and with a sophistcated understanding for communal structures. Whether it is at our doorstep or “Down Under”: We accept every project as a new challenge. For our clients and for a shared future in which clean energy is as natural as the wind and sun themselves.

Targets By 2050

In order to achieve the government’s climate targets, an offical resolution has been handed down: By 2050, Germany’s entire energy consumption is to be based, as far as possible, on renewable energies. This not only pertains to the electrical industry, but also the entire heating and transport sectors. The electricity transition initiated so far, i.e. away from the use of fossil fuels and nuclear power, must be followed by a heating and transport sector conversion – particularly through the targeted use of wind and solar power. With our projects, we will accelerate the further expansion of renewable energies and drive towards 100% renewable energies in various regions by means of sector coupling and storage technology.




Wind Farms