‘Clean and affordable electricity – that is our personal goal’.




Our History


With a very clear objective in mind, the two business partners Gerard Meindertsma and Jörg Osterholz founded Westwind ENERGY in Kirchdorf on December 5, 1998.
Their vision: producing clean and affordable electricity.

At the outset, the two engineers put all their energy into developing their newly founded company. 20 years ago, wind turbine construction and generating renewable energy was still in its infancy.

Pioneering work from the very beginning – successful wherever the wind blows.

The new company found committed partners within local communities, and the foundation for their success story was set, the first wind farm was constructed in Lemke, Lower Saxony as early as 1999. Subsequently, WestWind ENERGY realized further projects in the region.

The reliability of the company rapidly enabled new activities across national borders. Today, WestWind ENERGY is active in Austria, Poland, Romania and Australia.


From 1998 to present.





Wind farms