In addition to the German domestic market, Westwind ENERGY is also active in other parts of Europe and the world, for example we are also active in Australia.

We are also planning wind farms in Poland, Romania and Austria. In Poland we are currently increasing our involvement in the bioenergy and photovoltaic sector.


WestWind ENERGY has been developing large wind farm projects in Australia since 2004. The wind farm in Mount Mercer with 130 MW total capacity, consists of 64 Senvion MM92 wind turbines and has been in operation since 2014. In Yendon and Elaine, the second wind farm with 60 Vestas V136 3.8 MW wind turbines, has a total capacity of 228 MW and has been online since the end of 2020. In 2010, we received a construction permit for up to 107 wind turbines for a project in Moorabool. This wind farm has now been completed with 104 Goldwind GW136 turbines with an installed capacity of 312 MW and is currently in the commissioning phase.

WestWind ENERGY’s largest development project of approximately 1,300 MW, the Golden Plains Wind Farm, is also located in the state of Victoria in Australia and is expected to be equipped with 215 6MW class wind turbines by the end of 2025. This project, which includes a large battery storage facility, has already been approved. In partnership with Tag Energy, the financing phase for the first construction stage with 122 turbines is currently in progress. Construction is scheduled to start in early 2022. Further projects with a total of over 1,000 MW are planned in northwest Victoria and New South Wales.


Since 2009, WestWind ENERGY has been active in various renewable energy sectors. In the wind energy sector, three wind farms with over 200 MW are being planned.

In photovoltaics, about 50 MW have been implemented to date and another 250 MW are being planned.

Since 2018, WestWind ENERGY in Poland has also increasingly accessed the biogas / biomass industry. In 2020, the first plant with 2 MW was approved, 20 MW are being planned.



In Austria, WestWind ENERGY is focusing on wind energy and photovoltaics with local Austrian companies.

In cooperation with strong Austrian partners in the renewable energy production sector, we plan to commission 100 MWp in the PV sector and 70 MW in the wind energy sector by 2024.


As early as 2007, WestWind ENERGY investigated the Dobrogea region on the Romanian Black Sea coast with a site potential analysis. In 2012, all permits for a wind farm with 28 wind turbines were obtained. Due to a change in the Romanian EEG in 2012/2013, the market unfortunately came to a standstill for several years. Since 2018, WestWind ENERGY has once again been active in Romania and is developing a wind farm in the Dobrogea region with approximately 100 wind turbines and an expected installed capacity of approximately 600 MW. Construction and commissioning is planned for approximately 2024/2025.