“Environmental & Wildlife Protection”

In view of the ongoing climate change, renewable energies are an essential component for achieving climate protection goals and are thus indispensable to protect the environment and wildlife.



When constructing a wind farm or with any other construction site for that matter, the surrounding environment is impacted. We take these issuses very seriously and intergrate them into our wind farm planinng at an early stage. Environmental protection concerns are addressed and processed with the relevant environmental protection agency.

Strict laws combined with the wind energy sector’s twenty years of experience have ensured the protection of the environment, certain birds and bat species. Over the years, various research projects and studies have shown that many fears regarding the negative impact of wind turbines are largely unfounded.

How Do We Support Environmental Protection


Compensation & Replacement Measures:

Since 1998, we have  implemented the following measures to aid environmental protection, wildlife conservation and climate protection

Reforesting                              69,4 ha

Copses                                      59,5 ha

Extensivley used grasslands   151,3 ha

Meadow orchards                   1,3 ha

Ecological succesion areas      10,4 ha

Appropration of resting and feeding grounds for northern migrating birds like cranes, geese and swans.

Creation of innumerable skylark plots

About 14,500 m² of bodies of water and ponds.

A myriad of space utilization studies with regard to Red Kites, Harriers, Eagle Owls, Peregrines,

Buzzards, Ortolans and bats and the resulting operational monitoring of the above mentioned birds.

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