Wind farm Albringhausen

Wind farm Albringhausen

In 2021, a total of 7 GE-5.3-158 wind turbines with a hub height of 161.0 m and a capacity of 5.3 MW each were built and put into commission in Albringhausen, Bassum ctiy, district of Lower Saxony.

Manufacturer: GE Wind Energy GmbH
Number: 7 x GE-5.3-158
Nominal power: 5.3 MW
Hub height: 161 mRotor Ø: 158 m

A total of 7  GE-5.3-158 wind turbines, with a hub height of 161.0 m and a capacity of 5.3 MW have been erected and put into operation, Albringhausen is located in the district of Bassum.

Current work in the wind farm:

During the final inspection after commisioning, GE determined that the drivetrains required repair and maintenance work, it is currently being conducted with the help of a crawler crane.

The following companies helped realise the project:

ÖBVI Lambers & Ostendorf, 49406 Barnstorf

Subsoil expert:
Engineering geology Dr. Lübbe, 49377 Vechta

SiGeKo (Occupational Safety):
Tobias Pohl, 27245 Bahrenborstel

Site development/road construction:
Koldewei Straßen- und Tiefbau Gmbh & Co.KG., 27252 Schwaförden

Foundation construction:
Max Bögl, 92301 Neumarkt

Tower construction:
Max Bögl, 92301 Neumarkt

Temporary access panels:
LiveTrakway GmbH, 74632 Neuenstein, Germany

WT Energiesysteme, 01587 Riesa, Germany

Underground utilities construction:
DUS Kabelmontage GmbH & Co. KG, 26835 Hesel

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