Wind and hydrogen for the future of the region


Member of the Bundestag Axel Knoerig and CDU European candidate Tilman Kuban at WestWindEnergy in Kirchdorf

KIRCHDORF ‘ The Kirchdorf based company, WestWind Energy had two current areas of concerns pertaining to energy-political topics. Therefore, the local MP Axel Knoerig, member of the Economic and Energy Committee of the Bundestag, now visited the company in his constituency. He brought the European candidate Tilman Kuban with him as an expert on European law issues. The local CDU parliamentary group chairman Christian Thiermann also took part in the meeting. The three politicians were received by the managing partners Gerard Meindertsma and Jörg Osterholz as well as the responsible project managers Christian Meindertsma and Gerrit Bokelmann.

The discussion initially focused on the construction of wind turbines. In view of a planned increase in the share of renewable energies from 37 to 65 percent of total electricity by 2030, wind energy will continue to play an essential role. “In this regard, we need reasonable compromises as far as integration in the respective regions is concerned,” Knoerig made clear. “This includes transparent participation procedures for citizens in order to gain more public acceptance in the expansion of wind energy. In addition, there must be open discussion about how profit distributions from these areas proportionately benefit the affected communities, for example for non-profit associations and honorary offices.” Kuban added that the continuous expansion of renewable energies is also being pursued at the EU level.

The second topic at the meeting was the proposal to develop the Diepholz district into a hydrogen region. As Knoerig reported, the district has already expressed its interest in a federal tender. In May, the selection process of nine model projects in this country will start.

The company WestWind Energy had communicated various suggestions to Knoerig before the meeting. The deputy promised to support the regional hydrogen concept: “In addition to the expansion of electromobility, we should also focus on hydrogen and the fuel cells that run on it in the automotive industry. This technology can also be combined with wind energy by using surplus electricity to produce hydrogen.” Kuban added: “Instead of chasing China in e-mobility, we should rather create an independent European solution in hydrogen.”

Source: Die Wochenpost as of 04/30/2019

Christian Thiermann, Christian Meindertsma, Jörg Osterholz, Tilman Kuban, Gerard Meindertsma, Gerrit Bokelmann and Axel Knoerig (from left). Photo: Private

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