„Clean and affordable energy – that is our personal goal“

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»It's our personal goal to generate only clean and affordable energy in the future!«

80 percent of our power from renewable energy sources by 2050? Since the Fukushima disaster, Germany's ambitious "energy turnaround" project has been an issue of hot debate on the power supply of the future.

How can we generate green electricity and what does it cost?

Phasing out fossil fuels and nuclear energy not only offers enormous economic potential for the renewables sector but also gives us all the opportunity to manage the resources of future generations in a responsible way.

Since 1998, we at WestWind have been able to rely on our experience to plan, develop and operate windfarms on land. We are not affiliated with any turbine manufacturers. We have a tried and true understanding of local governments and community development. Whether at your doorstep or Down Under, every project we take on is a new challenge. We work with our customers for a common future in which green power is as natural as the wind and the sun.


WestWind was first sketched out on a napkin!

At first it was just a good plan for personal retirement that inspired land surveyors Gerard Meindertsma and Jörg Osterholz to think about wind energy at the end of the 1990s. With no further ado, they sketched out their business idea on a napkin after visiting a trade fair. That was in 1998. A personal network was quickly in place, and business transactions for the company's initial projects in the region were completed rapidly and successfully. Today WestWind ENERGY is one of Germany's largest full-service providers for wind energy projects.