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A service that really pays off!

Reliability and higher revenues through professional management
We ensure your extra bonus!

We provide you with all technical data, anytime, anywhere. Our professional technical management ensures our customers that turbines operate smoothly. We offer complete round-the-clock transparency and supply fully accurate data, with reliable and value-preserving service whenever needed. Professional management by WestWind ENERGY is tailored service that pays for itself! It is a matter of course that our services are delivered regardless of the turbine manufacturer or project developer.

Our services

Management of individual
operating companies

Organization and
implementation of annual
shareholder meetings

Regular provision of information
to all limited partners regarding
production data, the financial
situation and current developments

Personal consultation
with investors on all

Technical management


Technical management

24/7 for 365 days a year...

...the WestWind ENERGY technical management team supervises the operation of wind turbines, auxiliary facilities and associated infrastructure, that is, roads, cables, transformer and transfer stations, and substations. Malfunctions are quickly taken care of to keep downtime as short as possible.

We coordinate services and maintenance. Our services include handling and reporting as well as the commissioning of appraisals to guarantee the smooth operation of wind turbines and satisfy the requirements of operating licences and insurance policies.

We monitor turbines on site and assist you with organising shareholder meetings and information events for investors.

Commercial management

We ensure your income

The numbers have to be right every month of each year. Looking after the commercial management of wind turbines is time-consuming and complicated. Our professional services give you more effectiveness with less effort. For example, WestWind ENERGY can arrange and negotiate contracts for the direct marketing of electricity – benefiting you with additional proceeds.

We arrange for your inclusion in master contracts with independent appraisers, insurers and recognised specialists. Whether you need liquidity planning, accounting or full services in payment transactions, WestWind ENERGY makes sure that the bottom line of your calculations comes out even!